Deep Oscillation Therapy

What made me choose to Do Deep Oscillation Therapy?

 I decided to purchase this machine as I train alot in the gym and I am someone who has Lipoedema myself. I heard about it’s benefits from a fellow MLD massage therapist on my Lymphoedema management course I went on, who swore by this treatment. So I did some research into it as I hadn’t heard about it before. I then decided to have a treatment of it for myself to try it out and to help with my own symptoms associated with my Lipoedema. I personally found that my legs instead of feeling really heavy and sluggish, aching like they usualy do that they felt so much lighter and able to move them more with ease, it reduced the pain in my legs significantly. It made me realise at how heavy my legs often feel to me. I think I am just used to how my legs are, so when they felt lighter then normal I was surprised at the results. 

I have many clients that come to me post cosmetic surgery, and people with Lymphoedema. I soon came to realise when Iwas searching to have a treatment for myself to try, that there just isn’t anyone close by that I could see from my own searching. Meaning other people here are missing out on a valuable service. This was when I decided to make the investment and purchase this NHS approved piece of equipment and complete my training, so I can provide this service to the local members of the public.

I have the pro machine which means I have the high spec machine so I can personalise the treatment, intesity and programme it especially for you and your needs, meaning you will get maximum results possible. If i’m going to do something I always make sure I go all out and do it properly. I never do anything half hearted, what’s the point otherwise!! Its great to have Deep Osciallation followed by manual lymphatic drainage massage (MLD) or sports massage. Or you could just decide to have the last few mins of the session with a standard relaxation massage. The choice is yours!!

The following infomation I have learnt and got directly from the Physio Pod, where I completed my training and purchased the Deep Oscillation machine.

DEEP OSCILLATION® is a unique, patented treatment method. Its’ special structure allows you to create biologically effective oscillations in the treated tissue using electrostatic attraction and friction. In comparison to other therapies, these oscillations have a very gentle and deep-acting (permeates 8cm deep!) effect on all tissue components like the skin, connective tissue, muscles, blood and lymph vessels. 

The special machine picks up and drops the bodys’ tissues up to 250 times a second, working more efficiently. You can see this working deep in real time when it has been used with ultrasound imagery.

The following physiological effects of DEEP OSCILLATION® are clinically proven:

  • Highly effective in reducing pain
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Effective in reabsorbing oedema
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Anti-fibrotic (fibrosis means thickening or scarring of tissue)
  • Improves the trophicity (Throphic means areas of wasting away of tissues, skin, muscle etc)
  • Rubor (a response of body tissues to injury, irritation, characterised by pain, swelling, redness and heat) reduction
  • Detoxification
  • Improves the quality of the tissue

For the treatment, the patient holds a titanium neutral element loosely between the fingers or toes. The pleasant therapy effect of DEEP OSCILLATION® is created beneath the gloves of the therapist or the hand applicator, which is moved in a circular motion above the tissue.



With DEEP OSCILLATION®, oedemas and haematomas can be relieved pre- and postoperatively considerably faster than with conventional therapies. Because it can be used at an extremely early stage, wound healing is stimulated and accelerated, local inflammation processes are inhibited and pain is significantly reduced over a sustained period. Scar quality is improved.

DEEP OSCILLATION® is therefore frequently used as a routine adjuvant post-operative therapy, for instance in oncology, neurology and traumatology. Due to its very gentle therapeutic effect it is used as a first line therapy for conditions after e.g. mastectomy, Caesarean section, osteosynthesis, endoprosthesis etc.


Use of DEEP OSCILLATION® reduces volume in the case of primary and secondary lymphoedema. The therapy is also increasingly used with success for lipoedema. DEEP OSCILLATION® has a preventive and anti-fibrotic effect: incipient fibrosis in particular can be treated effectively. Skin conditions and lymphatic drainage are improved.


In the case of traumata and damage from overstraining, DEEP OSCILLATION® has a direct oedema- and pain-reducing effect and consecutively stimulates self-mobilisation in pain-relieved areas, thus enabling an early return to active life. For sportspersons it means an earlier commencement of active forms of therapy and training, for ‘normal‘ patients a swifter return to activities in daily life.


DEEP OSCILLATION® is being increasingly used for secondary wound healing, regrettably often as a last resort. DEEP OSCILLATION ® is an efficient adjuvant treatment option in the case of both post-operative and diabetic wound healing disorders and oedema-induced secondary wound healing.


In the case of second-degree burns wound healing is significantly accelerated and qualitatively improved by DEEP OSCILLATION®.


In indications such as fibromyalgia syndrome, Sudeck´s dystrophy etc., which are accompanied by chronic pain, DEEP OSCILLATION® has a strong pain relieving effect, which often allows for a reduction of medicine intake. The treatment promotes mobilization to a great extent, alleviates muscle stiffness and tackles impairments in activities of daily life, with consequent positive effect on fatigue, fears and depression.


In brain stoke rehabilitation DEEP OSCILLATION® is used for semi-paralysed regions of the body to improve trophicity and reduce spasms in affected areas, and also for lymphatic drainage, for instance to treat lymphoedema in the head area. The therapy is also used with great success for children with cerebral palsy and tetraplegia to reduce spasms and treat bowel obstipation.


Therapy with deep oscillation (DEEP OSCILLATION®) is beneficial within a broad range of applications, including, but not limited to:

DEEP OSCILLATION® is a German, internationally patented, electrostatic, electromechanical field therapy, which promotes lymphatic drainage of the tissues. As opposed to externally applied, mechanical forms of massage therapy which vibrate on the skin surface, deep oscillation works through the entire tissue layers to a depth of 8 cm (Solangel Hernandez Tapanes, MD, MSc, 2010), with clinically proven effects, through skin, connective tissue, fat, muscles, and blood and lymph vessels. See below a graphic of the effects:
Clinically proven effects are now documented In 70 publications and it is used worldwide in sports and occupational injury regeneration, natural aesthetic enhancement, pre and post-surgery and in chronic pain syndromes, including fibromyalgia. You can watch an overview of the therapy technique here.



Application is via the vinyl-gloved hands of the Practitioner as a massage, the biologically effective oscillations work in the tissue segment undergoing treatment. Or with using applicators.

Application of DEEP OSCILLATION® through gloves (It can also be applied via applicators). For treatment, the patient holds a small titanium bar and the therapist is connected via an electrode adhered to their arm.
DEEP OSCILLATION® is non-invasive, non-traumatic and relaxing and is very well received by patients. Because of its gentle application, it is a unique treatment for acute and chronic injury and day one post-operative. To view references, articles and presentations please visit