Pregnancy Massage Therapy

I completed my training on 30th September 2020 and can now specialise in treating pregnant ladies. To be able to have this wonderful massage you need to be over 12 weeks gestation and have a healthy pregnancy.

During this beautiful massage you are side lying with a pillow in between your knees and under your bump and an additional pillow for your head to lay on. You have soft blankets strategically draped over you keeping you warm, safe and dignity intact at all times. You have a full body massage with some gentle stretches and mobilisation to help ease those tired achy muscles, de stress and lymphatic drainage massage to help reduce those swollen hands and ankles.

Your bump is gently massaged to help the baby relax and to be calm creating a wonderful tranquil environment between mum, baby and therapist. Baby absolutely loves the massage as much as mummy. We recommend that you have weekly/fortnightly regular massages throughout your pregnancy to help keep those pregnancy related aches at bay and manageable. You can have a pregnancy massage up until you go into labour as long as your pregnancy remains healthy and all is well.

It has been known that regular pregnancy massages can help for a “easier” and calmer labour and delivery. It’s also been known after the therapist has met the baby on their arrival that the baby recognises them through the amazing energy that’s passed on from the therapist through to mummy and baby.

Pregnancy massage has the following benefits:

  • Aids in deep relaxation, to help prepare your mind for a calm and relaxed delivery.
  • Aids in calming the baby so they are less likely to get agitated in delivery.
  • Aids in reduction of oedema (swelling of hands and feet)
  • Helps to ease aches and pains related to pregnancy