Hot Stone Massage

This massage involves the use of special basalt stones of various shapes and sizes. I use basalt stones because of their non-porosity, smoothness and ability to retain heat. The stones are heated to a maximum of 70 degrees celsius. I then place the stones around your body so you feel the heat surrounding you, and massage you like in a Swedish massage to introduce the oil to you.

I then roll the hot stones in my hands to help cool them a little quicker and to heat my hands up. I do this so I can introduce the heat to your body gradually. When cool enough for me to handle, I will introduce the stones to your body, checking that the temperature is ok and comfortable for you. I then use the stones to massage your body, choosing different shaped ones for different parts of your back so that I can get deep into the muscle fibres.

I will then leave the stones on points of your back and body so the heat can continue to penetrate your muscles.

Many people find a Hot Stone Massage spiritual as the stones are placed on your Meridian lines or Chakra points. It is believed that the therapist is grounded, which takes away all of your negative energy and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and in a deep state of relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage also has the following benefits:

  • Deeper penetration of the muscle tissues, relaxing them due to the heat. This allows me to work more deeply and more quickly
  • Heat is a natural method of pain relief and helps to increase mobility 
  • Heat can make you feel more content and relaxed
  • Significantly reduces stress and anxiety